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We are Michelsen

Die Klasse 8.4 erstellt eine Beschreibung unserer Schule in englischer Sprache.

Welcome to our school website! We’re the students of class 8.4 and we’re going to present our school to you. The Michelsen school is a Gymnasium, which is one kind of secondary school in Germany. Usually, when you are about 10 years old, you can visit a Gymnasium. You then start in grade 5 and can stay at Michelsen school until grade 13, in which you can do your Abitur, which is like a high school diploma. With that you can visit a university.  
Our school is very special! When you start grade 10, you can choose agricultural subjects. Our school is well known for this offer. It’s a special subject where you learn about farming. Many students come from far away because our school is the only school in the region, where you can choose this subject. Many students want to become farmers and our school is the perfect possibility for them. Fittingly, our school cafeteria is called “Big Bauer” which means “Big Farmer”. We can go there during the breaks to get food like cookies, bread, yoghurt and wraps or drinks. We can choose warm and cold food and between 1 and 2 o’clock we can also buy a warm lunch. The food for the whole week is planned by seven parents who work in the cafeteria voluntarily. They also buy the ingredients for every meal. We’re very proud of that, because at no other school in our region it works like this.

Not only our cafeteria is special. Also the “Michelsengeist” is. The ”Michelsen Ghost” is not a scary monster, it is our expression and the spirit of our school community. Everyone is part of it, it doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a student, a teacher or have a different job in our school, everyone is welcome. Many new teachers said that they could feel the “Michelsengeist” just after a few weeks of being part of the Michelsen family.

Michelsen makes music: When you decide to go to Michelsen school, you can join the „Bläserklasse“ from 5th to 8th grade. The “Bläserklasse” is like a normal class, but students learn how to play a wind instrument and you get extra instrumental lessons every week. You can also play in different orchestras. You can be in the , “Juniorband“ from 9th to 11th grade and after that you can join the “Michelsenphonics“. You can join this orchestra in grade 12 and can stay until your graduation. In these orchestras you can play concerts for school events and even go on awesome orchestra trips. Playing instruments plays a big role in our school. However, it’s not just about learning an instrument. You also learn how to work together in a team and how to listen to eachother. It’s a unique experience to play an instrument in a huge orchestra.

Our school also won some prizes. In 2018, we won the prize for special activities in music education. We also won a prize for our “Online orcestra-rehearsal“ during covid times. We had a lot of fun during these online music lessons and learned a lot.

There are not only people but also many different animals at Michelsen school which we want to present to you. On the second floor there is a fish tank, which is the home of plants, shrimps and fish. Two students take care of the fish tank, even during the holidays. Next to the fish tank is a glass cabinet with “walking leaves“ inside . These are insects that look like leaves, which is also the reason why you can’t see them at first glance. We also have a schooldog that comes in every monday to help students concentrate and feel less stressed. His name is Odin and he is a mixed-breed dog who was adopted by a teacher in 2019. There aren’t only animals inside of the school: There are also two ducks called Konradine and Eduard like the founders of the Michelsenschool, Konrad and Eduard Michelsen. If you want to see all these animals for yourself come and visit our school.         

The Michelsen school has normal lessons and also ,,AGs“, which are like after school clubs. They are like normal lessons, however it’s voluntary, you get to choose which AG you want to join, and you don’t get marks or have to write tests.  It’s about having a good time, it’s like a hobby which you may not do at home, where you can have fun and learn with students from different grades.  For example, there is the garden AG. The garden AG is a group of students, teachers and parents who meet every Tuesday. Their aim is to turn our overgrown and chaotic garden and glasshouse into a wonderful place with a lot of plants. The also take care of wild bees and other insect, which is so cool. Another popular AG is the first Aid AG. The AG is very important because when, for example, a student or teacher falls and hits his/her knee then a paramedic assistant, a student who is on duty, gets a call on their paramedic phone and can help the patient. They also learn what to do in emergency and can give first aid. All the students from grade 6 to 13 can join the paramedic AG. Students who like the subjects Biology, Physics, Geography or Maths can join our research AG. In this AG students work together, do exciting experiments, learn more about science and most importantly, have fun. For example, one year, students built catapults and tried to make small things fly really far. There is also PE-AG. This AG is very popular, because there you only play sports which the students want to play. This could be soccer or volleyball, but also more unusual sports. These are only a few AGs out of the wide range of AGs at Michelsen. 

During our school year, there a many different events for students and teachers. We have different exchange programs to Poland, Switzerland or even to a small city in the north of Tansania, named Monduli. The Moringe Sokoine secondary school in Monduli is actually our partner school to which we donate money from time to time. We collect money at different events. One time, Michelsen school organized a music and talent show, called “Talents for Tansania!“ where everyone could perform. The teacher band, for example, had a performance there. The entry was free, however if the audience wanted to, they could donate money. Some students also organize a Michelsen clothes swapmeet. If your clothes don’t fit anymore or you’re bored of your current style, then the Michelsen clothes swapmeet is your place to go! You can give your clothes away at a certain time and date, for that you will get Restyle-Coins, which you can use to get clothes other students gave away. What an awesome idea! As you now know we are known as a “Farmer school”. And we even have a farmer market where everyone can bring their friends and family to. There will be many different market stalls from students selling food and drinks and all kinds of stuff on our parking lot and a lot of fall decoration like pumpkins. In the background you can usually listen to the instrumental class playing enchanting songs. But that’s not the only market we organize! Every year when Christmas comes around, students from grade 7 work at the Christmas Market in Hildesheim. In little market stalls, they sell cookies, jam, and soap. And again, the instrumental class plays lovely Christmas songs and attracts many people. The money we collect, goes to an organization which helps children suffering from cancer.

We love going to Michelsen school and hope that you got a good insight into our colorful school. We would love for you to experience the “Michelsengeist” in person and to welcome you here.